The Absent Blogger: Health Edition

The amount of health problems I’ve battled in the last few months has been staggering. On top of the stress of being away from home and wonderfully entertained by my boyfriend’s family, I had little time to do much of anything. Excuses, excuses, I know. Here’s another update on what’s been happening in my life:

  • Our flight to New York went well. We were on a lovely plane for the second leg of the journey that offered free movies, which is a luxury I don’t normally get when travelling long distances. It made the time go by quickly. We made it there safely and settled in quickly.
  • The short list of notable adventures we went on while in NY:
    • His parents took us to see the show ‘Stomp.’ It’s a lovely non-verbal, rhythm and sound based show put on by the most lively and entertaining group of people I’ve ever seen. Admittedly, I was worried I wouldn’t like it, but I was pleasantly surprised. Well worth the cost of admission, and as his parents had already seen it, they said it was even worth the second go-round.
    • We ate at a place called the Black Tap in So-Ho. After a three hour wait on the street in the city, I can honestly say the food was worth the wait. They were made famous for their over the top milkshakes, but the burgers are insanely good as well. It’s a tiny place with only a bar and room for a handful of people at a time to come in and eat or have their milkshakes and leave. Great music, fantastic service, and the milkshakes and burgers were to die for.
    • We visited Parx Casino and Atlantic City, both firsts for me. I’m not a huge fan of gambling, but Glenn and I spent a day at Atlantic City walking the boardwalk behind all of the casinos. It happened to be the day the city was celebrating St. Patrick’s day, which was a blast for us. We watched a huge parade pass us by as we walked down the length of the boardwalk, drank beer, had candy and beads tossed at us from the passing floats, and window shopped in the outlets that line the walk. Easily one of the best days I’ve ever had.
    • Glenn and I went with a friend to the reopening of Nintendo World in Manhattan, stood in line for two hours, and got turned back before we even got to go in. That was a long day, but we got cute Mario patches to prove we were there. Spent most of our time people-watching the dweebs in the line.
    • Went to a pinball museum near the beach and played a shit ton of pinball.
    • I reminded myself how much I love the diner experience. There is an appalling lack of them back here in California.
    • Ate way too much good food and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
  • It wasn’t all fun and games though. The first week I was there I came down with bronchitis that lasted a week, followed by a head cold. Then had issues getting my regular pain killers. Then I ran out of cigarettes and began the painful task of quitting smoking and switching to e-cigarettes. There were a lot of times were I was dying to get back home and crawl under the covers in my bed and hide for the next month.
  • For the last week of our trip, I left New York and took a train to Pennsylvania. It was my first time taking a long-distance train, and my first time taking any kind of train by myself. Lord was that stressful. It’s not exactly as idiot-proof as an airport. Thankfully, the conductor was a wonderfully helpful lady. I was worried the whole time that I’d sleep through my stop.
  • In PA, I met up with my big sister, her fiance, and my youngest niece. I got to spend a week with them before Glenn and I flew out and met in Houston on our layover and then flew back home.
  • Things that happened in PA:
    • Alecia and I played board games. Tzolk’in, Boss Monster, Dixit, and 7 Wonders. We also played some Animal Crossing on the 3DS, which was awesome. The last time we were together to play Animal Crossing it was on the gamecube and only one of us could play at a time.
    • My favorite honorary-brother-in-law took me to a vape shop and bought me a setup so that I wouldn’t have to go back to cigarettes when I got home, which I can never thank him enough for.
    • Unfortunately, half way through our quality time Alecia came down with the stomach flu. Then two days later when I was due to fly back, both I and her fiance came down with it, as well as my niece. The morning of my flight I was stuck in a bathroom heaving my guts out. It was not pretty and definitely not conducive to travelling. Thank god for modern medicine. I took pills up to my eyebrows and doused my stomach in Gatorade and prayed. By the grace of Circe I was able to make it home without any catastrophes.
  • I had a lot of fun and a lot of shitty days. I’m definitely glad to be home with my kitties, my hamster, and my bed.

My health as of right now seems to be backsliding. Before I left there was an issue with my blood work. My white blood cell count was high and I’ve been unable to do blood work again since I got home because of a head cold I developed a few days ago. I’m hoping it’s gone down and nothing major is happening. After a long battle with myself about mood altering drugs, I’ve decided to try out some anti-depressants, both for the intended affect and the added bonus that they could help with the Fibro Myalgia pain. I go back to the doctor in a month and I’m hoping for good news.

Until the next edition of The Absent Blogger, stay awesome.

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